John Deere FarmSight gives you deeper insights into your business that were simply not possible until now.

It enables individual remote monitoring of machines to ensure preventative maintenance, optimisation for fuel consumption and output performance, as well as giving you new, more detailed agronomic information for better decision-making.

John Deere FarmSight is available through a series of four service packages from your local John Deere dealer.



Remote monitoring and service support designed to maximise uptime of individual machines.

The key benefits of the John Deere FarmSight Uptime service package are:

  • Utilisation of the latest telematics technology to maintain, diagnose and service machines more effectively
  • Regular remote machine inspections from qualified John Deere service experts to identify potential upcoming issues early and initiate corrective actions pro-actively to increase machine uptime
  • Predictable maintenance costs, genuine parts and qualified service personnel
  • Pro-active maintenance inspection notifications by your Dealer

Monitoring of key performance indicators of individual machines to maximise productivity and efficiency.

The key benefits of the John Deere FarmSight Performance service package are:

  • Utilisation of the latest telematics technology to maintain, diagnose and service machines more effectively
  • Intensive pre-season operator training prior to refresh their knowledge on basic operation and adjustments. This will allow operators to get the most out of the machine right from the first day of the season!
  • On-site performance optimisation analysis and review of individual machines. Working jointly between the operator and your John Deere dealer specialist this will help identify performance gaps and opportunities to make improvements

Monitoring of multiple machines to optimise the efficiency of larger fleets.
Logistics service packages are under development. Talk to your dealer for the latest news.

Help and advice on making more informed business decisions to improve productivity and profitability.
Agronomics service packages are under development. Talk to your dealer for the latest news.

Machines equipped with JDLink wireless technology are permanently ‘online’ and can be monitored remotely via the internet on a computer, tablet or smartphone. This provides data on the machine’s location, instrumentation and control systems including attachments.

With your permission your dealer can pro-actively diagnose and optimise machines, assist operators, coordinate fleets and use field data for better agronomic analysis.

John Deere FarmSight provides you with a unique industry leading solution which combines intelligent machinery, the latest component technology and a dealer service package. It gives you new insights into your operations and the capability to optimise the performance of their business in ways that were simply not possible a few years ago.

One integrated solution
John Deere is the only agricultural equipment manufacturer to design and engineer its precision farming technology. It’s all seamlessly integrated for ease of use.

One service provider
You only have one number to call saving you time, money and stress.

One fee
Less administration and predictable budgeting.

With John Deere FarmSight you…
Save time – pro-active maintenance and better operator performance
Save money – reduce running costs and improve business efficiency
Save stress – predictable running costs and more efficient management

There’s a choice of service packages: Uptime, Performance, Logistics and Agronomics. The exact contents and pricing of individual packages will vary from dealer to dealer.

As part of the growing Precision Farming sector we are introducing support packages to assist you and your equipment. These have been designed to ensure you get the support you require, when you require it. The services have been separated into three annual packages, which are detailed below.

With the purchase of new Precision Farming Equipment we offer the Standard Support package free of charge for the first 12 months of ownership.

Each package is limited to a total of 2 kits, anything over that will require an additional Standard Support package.