What is AMS?

John Deere’s Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS) is a range of integrated products and services that maximise the performance of your machines and your business.


Arable: Increase profitability with accurate guidance, remote support and online data tracking.
Contractor: Maximise productivity and deliver outstanding quality services to your customers.
Livestock: Cut input costs and improve hay and forage quality.
Speciality: Boost performance and profits with integrated guidance and repeatable accuracy.


John Deere and all other makes. Contact your John Deere dealer today for a demonstration.



Displays are an essential requirement for executing precision farming applications.


As your business grows, so do your challenges. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a display that has the future built right in: the new GreenStar display. It gives you full monitoring and control over all the solutions you use in your John Deere tractor, baler, combine or sprayer. From documentation and performance monitoring to guidance and advanced ISOBUS capabilities, the GreenStar 2630 sets new standards for convenience, comfort and efficiency.


  • Guidance and Guidance Pro Modules
  • Documentation
  • Advanced ISOBUS capabilities
  • Performance monitoring


Do you want outstanding flexibility, comprehensive guidance, realistic field views and ISOBUS implement control? Then the 7-inch full-colour GreenStar 1800 Display is for you. Because it’s tailor made for the John Deere AutoTrac Universal 200 (ATU) Steering Kit, it saves you more of what you need most: time and money. It enables you to toggle between multiple home pages to monitor more than one in-field activity. It provides control of your guidance applications like Parallel Tracking or AutoTrac. In addition, the GreenStar 1800 Display supports ISOBUS machine control and Sprayer Pro.


  • AutoTrac and AutoTrac Universal 200 Steering Kit compatible
  • ISOBUS machine control compatibility (virtual terminal and diagnostics)
  • Sprayer Pro functionality

With our StarFire receivers you choose from 4 kinds of accuracy levels for the ultimate in scalable performance.



  • Improved resistance to shading
  • Reliable on every terrain
  • Works seamlessly with all accuracy levels (EGNOS, SF1, SF2 and RTK)
  • Free SF1 correction signal as standard

The StarFire 3000 Receiver
The StarFire 3000 is the latest addition to our position receiver family and works seamlessly with all accuracy levels (EGNOS, SF1, SF2 and RTK) and all our John Deere guidance systems. From the manual steering support provided by the Parallel Tracking package to the integrated automatic steering of AutoTrac, this intelligent new receiver is designed to grow with your business for years to come.

Improved resistance to shading
The StarFire 3000 receiver picks up satellite signals from the Global Positioning System GPS and has the capability to use GLONASS satellites (Russian navigation satellite system, similar to GPS) to maintain guidance performance even in shaded conditions and other unpredictable environments. Moreover, the receiver is designed to utilize satellites as low as 5 degrees above the horizon. Due to the improved satellite availability, the StarFire 3000 provides a more reliable position.

Reliable on every terrain
John Deere terrain compensation technology with the StarFire 3000 receiver provides the capability to detect the roll, pitch, and yaw of the vehicle. So the receiver can compensate accordingly to ensure true vehicle position with respect to the ground throughout the field.

Select the accuracy you want
The StarFire 3000 receiver can be used all year long for constantly changing applications and levels of accuracy. Thus your entry into the world of GreenStar guidance system is easy and inexpensive. Your investment is secured.


If high precision farming is your business, you need the best possible guidance solution: AutoTrac and RTK (Real Time Kinematic). The RTK signal combines with the AutoTrac system to provide all the benefits of stationary measurements including the elimination of GPS drift. As a result, it is the most precise guidance solution we offer, and what’s more; It’s repeatable. While standard GPS signals are suitable for tillage, planting and pre-emergence spraying, John Deere´s AutoTrac teamed with RTK makes easy work of application where accuracy is very important such as bedding up, row crop planting or cultivation. Radio RTK works with a static local base station in or near your field, it monitors the constellation of GPS satellites and continually calculates the position. It transmits corrections to the StarFire receiver on the RTK equipped vehicle.

Mobile RTK: In addition to the satellite GPS signal, mobile RTK correction data is sourced from a countrywide pool of existing base stations, so you don´t need your own. A centrally located server calculates the correction signal, which is then transmitted to the vehicle equipped with a John Deere Mobile RTK modem via the mobile phone network.


  • Perfect repeatability
  • High level of accuracy
  • Fast Signal Connection
  • Radio RTK and Mobile RTK*

* Mobile RTK is an additional RTK technology available in selected countries

A complete range of integrated satellite guidance and control systems, from manual to fully automated control.

  • Cut input costs
  • Reduce operator stress
  • Improve productivity

The benefits of guidance are immediate, clear and proven:

  • Lower fuel costs.
  • Reduced fertilizer and chemical usage.

More sustainable farming and higher productivity and profitability:

  • AutoTrac
  • AutoTrac Controller
  • AutoTrac Universall 200
  • Active Implement Guidance
  • iSteer
  • AutoTrac RowSense

Machine Control
The guiding principle of automated machine control is relaxed working instead of stress that makes your heart rate climb.With automated machine control the only thing that needs to be done is shift the lever to start and steer the tractor

– and not even that is always necessary:

  • iTEC Pro
  • AutoTrac RowSense
  • Machine Sync

A range of solutions that improve the efficiency of your crop production.

  • Work smarter
  • Save time, money and stress
  • Squeeze more profit from every hectare

What is it?
A range of solutions that improve the efficiency of your crop production.


Section Control – Automatic, hands-free control of individual implement sections for better planting and crop protection.

GreenStar Rate Controller – Enable rate and section control of non-ISOBUS implements.

HarvestLab – Accurately measure silage moisture and nutrient quality in real-time.

Constituent Sensing – Reliable constituent measurement means more accurate planning and management of feedstocks.

Implement Detection – John Deere Implement Detection saves time and eliminates errors by populating all implement settings automatically on your GreenStar 3 2630 display, when setting up your equipment.

Manure Sensing – Hands-free, automatic optimisation of nutrients and spreading rates for individual field conditions.

A suit of solutions to connect your machines and operators, job and business management in real-time.

  • More informed decision making
  • Boost profitability
  • Improve performance


Operations Center – Your personal online portal, enabling remote management of your machines, applications and business wherever you are.

JDLink – Remote tracking of your machine and application data to optimise your fleet’s performance, efficiency and logistics.

Field Connect – Reduce over watering and nutrient leaching with in-field probes that instantly monitor soil moisture levels.